Your Guide to Greenery Care and Maintenance

The Art of Greenery Care Made Simple

Mr. Greentrees has been a trusted provider of fresh, exquisite Christmas trees and greenery since its inception in 1986. This family-owned enterprise has made it their mission to offer nothing but the finest selections, from towering trees to delicate ornaments. Over the years, their offerings have expanded to include traditional holly and mistletoe to fragrant cedar, juniper, and pine boughs. Proper greenery care keeps these seasonal treasures looking their best and prolongs their fragrance. So, how should that be done?

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Holly: Preserving the Festive Spirit

Holly is a beloved symbol of the holiday season, cherished for its glossy green leaves and vibrant red berries. Select fresh branches with bright, shiny leaves and plump berries. Cut an inch off the stems and place them in water as soon as you get them home. Keep it in a cool, humid location away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Consider putting a humidifier close by to maintain ideal humidity levels and mist the leaves frequently to keep them from drying out. With these, your holly will remain fresh and vibrant throughout the holiday season, adding a festive touch to your home decor.

Mistletoe: Spreading Holiday Cheer

Mistletoe symbolizes love and goodwill, making it a popular addition to holiday decorations. Since mistletoe is typically hung, it can’t be placed in water. To prolong its freshness, wrap the stem ends in a moist paper towel and cover them with plastic wrap before hanging. Misting the leaves every other day helps prevent them from drying out. These will help your mistletoe remain fresh and inviting, ready to spread holiday cheer and inspire moments of joy and affection.

Boughs of Cedar: Infusing Your Home with Fragrance

Cedar boughs are prized for their rich, aromatic fragrance and lush greenery, making them a popular choice for holiday decorations. Place them in a container filled with water to ensure that the stems remain hydrated, and mist them regularly to prevent drying. Consider adding a humidifier to the room to maintain optimal humidity levels and prolong the life of your cedar boughs. Their delightful fragrance creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for holiday gatherings.

Juniper: Adding Texture and Interest

Juniper branches are prized for their unique texture and vibrant green color, making them versatile for holiday decorations. Cut an inch off the ends and soak in water overnight before arranging. Keep the branches in a cool, humid location away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Mist the branches regularly to prevent them from drying out, and consider placing a small dish of water nearby to maintain humidity levels. These will retain their texture and color, adding depth and interest to your holiday arrangements.

Pine: Bringing Natural Beauty Indoors

Pine branches are a classic choice for holiday decorations, valued for their graceful shape and fresh fragrance. They bring natural beauty indoors, adding a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor. Keep pine branches in a cool, humid location away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Mist the branches regularly to prevent them from drying out, and consider placing a humidifier nearby to maintain optimal humidity levels.

Pine Cones: Adding Rustic Charm

Pine cones are a charming addition to holiday decorations, valued for their rustic charm and textural interest. Thoroughly clean them by soaking them in water and vinegar and then allowing them to air dry completely. This will help remove any dirt. For indoor use, bake them at around 200°F to kill bugs and sap. Once clean, you can enhance the pine cones’ beauty by adding a touch of color or sparkle. For a festive touch, consider dipping them in melted wax to create a frosted effect.

As a general tip, inspect your decorations regularly for signs of drying out or wilting, and remove any damaged parts to keep the rest fresh.

Safe Decorating Tips To Dress Up Your Greens

Now that you know how to care for your fresh holiday greens, the next is to decorate them! It’s essential to embellish them safely to avoid causing harm or stress and to keep them healthy and thriving throughout the season.

Lightweight Ornaments

Opt for lightweight ornaments and decorations that won’t weigh down the branches or stems. Use small, decorative baubles, bells, or fabric bows to add a festive touch without overburdening your plants.

Fabric Wraps

Wrap the pots (if using) with festive fabric or burlap to give them a seasonal makeover. Avoid using too thick or non-breathable materials, as they may trap moisture and lead to root rot.

Avoid Overcrowding

Be mindful not to overcrowd them with too many decorations, restricting airflow and sunlight. Leave ample space between ornaments to allow for proper ventilation and prevent the risk of fungal diseases.

Check for Toxicity

Avoid using materials containing harmful chemicals or pesticides, as these can harm your greens. Glitter and spray-on snow might look pretty, but applying them to pots and containers is better than directly on the leaves. Alternatively, look for natural or edible glitter options that are safer.

Temporary Tattoos or Plant-Safe Paints

For a fun and unique way to decorate your plants, consider using temporary tattoos that can be applied to pots. Plant-safe paints are also available and can create festive designs outside plant containers. Always ensure the products you use are safe and non-toxic.

Clip-on Decorations

Use clip-on decorations to easily and safely add sparkle to your greens. These can be gently attached to sturdy branches, allowing easy removal once the season ends.

Use LED Lights

If you’re using lights, choose LED options. These emit less heat than traditional bulbs, reducing the risk of drying out or burning the greens. Ensure the lights are loosely wrapped to avoid constricting growth, and check that the cables and plugs are safe and away from water sources.


Caring for your holiday greenery is essential to maintain freshness and beauty throughout the festive season. With these simple tips and techniques, you can ensure that your wreaths, garlands, and other decorations remain vibrant and lush, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Remember to regularly hydrate them, protect them from harsh weather conditions, and display them in a suitable environment to prolong their lifespan. With a bit of care and attention, you can enjoy their natural beauty and enhance the spirit of the season in your home.

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