What is The Best Christmas Tree Scent

What is The Best Christmas Tree Scent?

Christmas is quickly approaching, and finding the perfect tree is no easy task. There is no debate about the best Christmas tree since most of us will probably vote for the authentic evergreen tree. But aside from considering which Christmas tree is the best, we must also consider ‘what is the best Christmas tree scent. We don’t want our whole household smelling awful this holiday season! Are’nt we?

Here are our top three of the best Christmas Tree Scents you will always love smelling.

  1. Starting with the Balsam Fir: Many believe the most aromatic Christmas tree is the Balsam Fir. It is also a famous Christmas tree because of its distinctive fragrance.
  2. Fraser Fir: The Fraser fir can be found almost everywhere and is quite popular due to its durability and ability to withstand shipping—the Fraser fir’s renowned strength and needle retention support even the heaviest holiday decorations.
  3. Noble Fir: Noble Fir is a popular and widely-available evergreen throughout the western United States thanks to its striking symmetry, gorgeous blue-green color, and subtle evergreen aroma.


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Christmas Tree Scents (for artificial trees)

If you are one of the people who have a fake Christmas tree in their home and wondering which scent to buy to at least make your tree smell like an authentic tree, alright, we’ll give you some recommendations.

  • Thyme Frasier Fir Candle – High-Quality Paraffin Wax with a Cotton Wick Allow up to 45 hours of burning life. The smell is crisp needles of Siberian fir, uplifting cedarwood, and calming sandalwood. It emits a fresh, woodsy scent to create a nostalgic atmosphere.
  • Christmas Evergreen Potpourri – Includes a sizeable 20-ounce potpourri bag and a fragrance vial. You may quickly and simply bring the Christmas spirit of a pine forest into your home with just one product—aromas of fir balsam, orange peel, orange zest, and crushed evergreen needles.
  • Pine Botanical Diffuser – It features a sprig of pine placed inside the fragrance oil to give off a more authentic aroma.
  • Birchwood Pine Diffuser by Nest – It opens with cool birchwood and pine needles and finishes with rich amber and woody musk. The diffuser’s vessel has a festive design that will go well with your holiday decorations.


The Best Smelling Tree

Real trees are stunning, one-of-a-kind, and exude a wonderful aroma. And while it’s true that fake trees don’t give out the same comforting scent as real ones, it always boils down to the celebration of Christmas being most important. Having fun with loved ones and taking a break to rest and be grateful is the most important thing about the season.

There is a home feeling that fragrances carry with them, so we love smelling them in our homes. But, before you go spraying, hanging, or lighting candles right before your big holiday gathering, check in with your visitor to see if they have any fragrance sensitivities. Certain odors might cause eye irritation, headaches, or breathing issues, none of which contribute to a merry time, so be sure to ask your guests in advance if they have any of these issues.


Wherever you are, have a great holiday by feeling at home, thanks to the timeless Christmas tree scent of either authentic or consumable scents. To learn more about Christmas trees, decorations, and more, please connect with us. We’ll be glad to talk to you about Christmas! Click this link to learn more: https://mrgreentrees.com/2023/07/09/perfect-christmas-tree-selection/