Homes for Sale in The Highlands Denver

Homes For Sale In The Highlands Denver Neighborhood

In the past, people called The Highlands Denver by the name Northside. Many new people have been moving to this area lately, so there are many more places to buy food, clothes, or furniture. Downtown is right next to this area and is one of the more popular areas. Highlands is a single neighborhood, but locals separate the walkable area into three sections. Locals refer to these sections as Highland, Lower Highland (LoHi), and Platte Street. Expect a mix of new homeowners, young families, and long-term residents on homes for sale in the Highlands Denver area. Locals live in traditional Denver plots or modern apartments and townhome developments. The average age of residents in Highland is 32.9 years old, and most people there have at least some college education. In addition, non-family households are more common in this neighborhood. The diversity surrounding homes for sale in the Highlands Denver area is incredible.

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Highlands Restaurants Denver

If you like to try new things with your food and drink, you should check Highlands Restaurants, Denver. The collective of restaurants, Avanti F and B, melds together numerous cuisine styles under one roof. These food businesses are in modified shipping containers. They have lots of different food options and flavors. You can eat here without spending too much money because it has affordable prices and quality food. Visit restaurants such as Linger, El Five, and Ale House at Amato’s. All of which are near scenic views of this city. Meanwhile, award-winning restaurants like Root Down highlight locally sourced ingredients. And don’t forget favorites like Illegal Pete’s and The Bindery. Alternatively, cocktails and drinks are also available at Highlands. Take a sample of the Graham Cracker Porter from Denver Beer Co. You can also Get German-style beers at Prost Brewing or try some of the rotating guest brewers’ talents at Factotum Brewhouse. Meanwhile, consulting the Denver Beer Trail reveals many breweries in this neighborhood. Pass by The Family Jones Spirit House or find your spirit of choice at Mythology Distillery. You can also sample creative cocktails from some of the area’s newest distilleries.

Activities Near the community

There are so many activities that people in Denver Highlands can enjoy. For example, Families go to the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus every first Tuesday of the month for free. You can use the art studio to paint, draw, and color. Visitors can also design artwork on the computer and print it out. You can power a hot air balloon if you want to try something different with your art. Additionally, you can make giant bubbles with bubble solution. Winelovers and bibliophiles also have spaces they can enjoy. BookBar is a place where you can buy books and also drink some wine simultaneously. The Tennyson Street Bookstore has many new books for people who like to read. There are both kid’s books and adult books too. You can find any kind you want in this store.

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