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The Garrison Cranford NJ Canoe Club Stunning Artwork

Lloyd Garrison began his career in Rahway, New Jersey, in October 1966, primarily self-taught. In 2006, he and his wife sold their Red Bank gallery after 48 years. At age 50, Lloyd remains deeply passionate about drawing and painting, always seeking new challenges and embracing a vast array of subjects. His artistic style is rooted in realism, yet he constantly explores various themes, relishing in the beauty of landscapes, still-lifes, house portraits, surrealism, aviation, nautical scenes, westerns, wildlife, florals, and captivating moments from Revolutionary and Civil War history. For the past four decades, Lloyd and his wife have meticulously maintained their gallery, which has evolved over time into a thriving Red Bank gift and antique store. Lloyd Garrison’s artistic career flourished during the transformative era of the 1960s, allowing him to hone his skills and establish himself as a professional artist. Over the years, his name became synonymous with his captivating depiction of the Garrison Cranford NJ Canoe Club painting, which masterfully captures the city’s mesmerizing beauty.


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Lloyd Garrison’s Career and Its Many Achievements

One of the highlights of his life was when he painted murals and historical artwork for the Officer’s Club at 20. When ordered to stand up, the commanding general, Ft. Lewis, Washington, elevated him to corporal. Lloyd painted tiny paintings, two Bradford Exchange Christmas plates, and two years of Gold Key Comics. He designed “Old Spice” perfume, “Sleep Doctor,” and “Finley” tea covers and created wall paintings for Prudential Insurance in Newark, Rahway Savings Institution, Piscataway restaurants Barbary Coast, Brass Bucket, and El Dente. Lloyd painted 20 murals, designed 45 Christmas cards, printed 5000 of each, and published Twenty autographed and numbered prints. He drew crime scenes for the FBI. Wayne Chrebet of the New York Jets, Norman Wexler of “Saturday Night Fever,” Buddy Hackett, and Robert Mitchum all have his paintings in their houses. For Washington Crossing State Park and the Sons of the Revolution, he painted George Washington and his men crossing the Delaware River.


A Selection of Lloyd Garrison’s Stunning Artwork in Cranford NJ

Among Lloyd Garrison’s many impressive works are those below.

  • The Revolutionary War Theme Oil Painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill. – The painting depicts the legendary Battle of Bunker Hill at Charlestown, near the outside of Boston, as the British Redcoats advance uphill. A fantastic historical subject painting brilliantly created by a well-known artist. This significant original oil artwork on canvas is a magnificent work of art.
  • The scene from “A Christmas Carol” – is an impressive, genuine painting in oils on canvas by New Jersey native Lloyd Garrison. It’s a scene from A Christmas Carol, depicting a chilly English street in the 19th century. It must be early in the morning, shortly after the three Christmas ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge, for he smiles as he approaches Tiny Tim’s family.
  • Halloween Scene – Sixties Halloween evenings. Those paintings depict scenes of children in costumes strolling around neighborhoods as vintage Chevrolets pass by. These 1960s-set Halloween scenes are significant to Garrison because of his fondness for nostalgia and childhood.


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