Southampton Live Oaks and The Beautiful Neighborhood

Southampton Live Oaks Neighborhood

Southampton Place is not like other neighborhoods. The streets have views of tall oak trees that contribute to the neighborhood’s character. The Southampton live oaks revive feelings of country living while being close to city amenities. The schools are among the best in Houston, and there is an easy commute downtown. People who want big yards will be happy. The lawns throughout the Southampton area and well-manicured gardens here and there complete the rural-like setting. Many families, including young children, live here because it has a safe feel. The beautiful Southampton live oaks also highlight churches for all denominations, grocery stores, and restaurants. You won’t need to go far to find parks with playgrounds for kids, recreation centers for teens, great golf courses nearby, and lakes where you can fish or sit and watch the water flow. All these things make Southampton’s neighborhood a great place to purchase your home.

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The Preservation

In 1923, after the approval of Southampton Place as a new neighborhood in Houston, the city had 226,000 people. Around the same time, Rice Institute was the largest private school of higher learning in the United States. Southampton is a residential area with strict rules. The submission to these rules has been the case for 65 years, which will probably continue to be true in the future. The enforcement is to ensure the beauty of the neighborhood is maintained. The original restrictions said there couldn’t be any apartment houses or duplexes in Southampton. In addition, most owners could extend the limitations on the property after the initial 150 years. Moreover, a civic club was established in 1929 to enforce restrictions. And now, through the years, people have worked on updating and renewing these restrictions. They want to ensure their neighborhood is as beautiful and well-kept as possible. For example, when Rice Stadium reached completion in 1950, they had to think about traffic. And when contractors installed new water lines in 1972 under the city streets, the civic club launched a campaign and preserved Southampton’s’ great oaks.

Activities Surrounding Southampton Place Live Oaks

There are several reasons why someone would want to get a house in the Village of Southampton, Houston. From the beautiful amenities and tree-lined streets to the central location and community events, this is a place you won’t regret living. One of the many benefits of living here is how close you are to establishments, attractions, and all the conveniences it offers. For example, suppose you’re looking for something exciting and fun with friends or family on a Saturday evening. In that case, there’s always an event at the Rice Village Mall or Buffalo Bayou Park that you can walk or bike to. Or one of the more popular spots for residents to enjoy is the extensive network of parks where kids can play and adults can exercise. If you’re into cycling or running, it has plenty of green spaces to explore without worrying about traffic jams. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or love taking your dog out on walks, there’s a park waiting just for you. Southampton also offers excellent shopping options, whether upscale boutiques near Rice Village Mall or affordable stores in the village center. They have whatever shopping need fits your budget and style preferences.

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