Seagate at Huntington Seacliff Homes For Sale

Living the Resort Lifestyle with Seagate at Huntington Seacliff Homes For Sale

In the prestigious coastal community of Huntington Beach, California, Seagate offers an exquisite blend of upscale and resort-inspired lifestyles. Seagate at Huntington Seacliff homes for sale are grand residences that redefine luxury. Each is meticulously designed with sophisticated finishes and premium features. The open layout creates spaciousness and allows for a seamless flow between rooms, making entertaining a breeze. Depending on the location, you may be treated to breathtaking views of the tranquil lagoon or the picturesque harbor, providing a serene backdrop to your daily life. Some have direct access to the water for easy access to thrilling adventures or a relaxing paddle along the calm waterways. This unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy recreational activities right at your doorstep adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the resort lifestyle. Dwellings come in different floor plans, offering a range of sizes from 1800 to 2800 square feet. Community amenities include clubhouses, two pools, six tennis courts, and the privilege of being part of a private yacht club to further indulge in the coastal lifestyle and enjoy the pleasures of boating and sailing.


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From The Door of Your Seagate at Huntington Seacliff Home to the Beach

From Seagate at Huntington Seacliff homes for sale, the beach becomes an easily accessible paradise, offering many recreational opportunities and a charming coastal lifestyle. With just a short stroll or a quick bike ride, residents can find themselves immersed in the beauty of Huntington Harbour, where enthusiasts can easily set sail and explore the tranquil waters, navigating through the picturesque canals and marinas. Surfside Beach, Sunset County Beach, and Bolsa Chica State Beach are nearby destinations known for their breathtaking shoreline and scenic trails. Enjoy beachcombing, birdwatching, surfing, or soaking up the California sun. For a touch of greenery, the Bolsa Chica Wetlands is a 5-minute drive protected ecological reserve, encompassing a rich and diverse ecosystem. Witness the beauty of the natural habitat, spot migratory birds, and connect with the tranquility of this coastal haven.


Nautical Adventures in Seagate at Huntington Seacliff Homes For Sale

Imagine the excitement of bonding with fellow boaters who understand the thrill of setting sail, the joy of exploring new horizons, and the serenity of being surrounded by the ocean’s vastness. At Seagate Yacht Club, nautical adventure and camaraderie create a vibrant circle where enthusiasts can thrive. It has an active calendar of monthly events celebrating themed Happy Hours to daytime Duffy Brunches. These activities provide the perfect opportunity to socialize, share stories, and create lasting memories with members who share your passion for the sea. They also take the boating experience to a new level with its remarkable Commodore’s Cruise to Ensenada. Embark on a journey onboard a world-renowned cruise line ship, accompanied by your fellow cruisers, and explore new destinations. While the Seagate Yacht Club is a natural extension of the Seagate community, it is essential to note that it welcomes both residents and non-residents of Seagate, creating an inclusive atmosphere. Non-resident membership is carefully regulated to 40%, ensuring a healthy balance.


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