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11 Ways You’re Going to Start Saving as Soon as You Move to Boston

Boston is among the most expensive cities in the world. Here’s how to save money in boston:

1. Avoid spending more than what you can

Living in Boston is expensive, make sure to spend on things you need/essentials first. 

2. Search for free events

Boston offers many free events, you just have to search for them. 

3. Avoid renting a car in Boston

Car rentals in Boston are extremely expensive! Better not try renting a car in this city.

4. Try walking

Boston has many things to offer, walking will make you appreciate the place more and not cost you anything. Just watch out for the stores and shops you will encounter on your way. 

Network of People in Boston

5. Create network of people

Creating your network of people will help you learn more about the cities and its opportunities. This is good especially for business owners. 

6. Try VRBO than hotels

Hotels in Boston are expensive. If you are in the city as a tourist or a resident in a vacation, better try VRBO to save money. 

7. Boston Pass

Boston pass will let you access city’s top attractions in a discounted price.

8. Get a Boston CityPass

The Boston CityPASS provides entrance to a handful of otherwise expensive sites at a fraction of the overall cost. CityPASS members also receive the added benefit of skipping lineups. People, time is money!

Supermarket in Boston

9. Take advantage of sales

Especially supermarket sales! These sales will save at least some bucks.

10. Collect coupons and reward points

Collecting coupons and reward points in establishments like supermarkets and stored will also make you save money. They are very convenient. 

11. Stay at home!

Staying at home will help you save money, especially when living in expensive cities like Boston. However, be careful not to place orders in any ordering app! Remember, we stay at home to save money!

Boston Cost of Living

Boston Cost of Living

An individual’s average monthly living expenses in Boston is $2,899 per month. This places it as part of the 1% of the most expensive cities on the planet. It’s also the United States’ 26th most expensive city (from 2,202) and the world’s 31st most expensive city (out of 9,294).

Boston’s cost of living is typically 48% to 62% higher than the national average. Whatever the actual figure is, there is no doubt that Boston is an outrageously expensive city.

Your grocery bills in Boston will be significantly higher than national average, as will your other expenses. The average monthly food bill for a single individual is $349, around 24% higher than the national average. Groceries, fortunately, are not subject to state or local taxes.

Final Thoughts

Living in Boston is expensive, but this city’s living cost justifies the quality of life you will get. Boston is one of the best places to live in the world!

For more information about the cost of living in Boston, do not hesitate to give me a call! I will help you with any of your concerns. 

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