Rose Parade Theme

Rose Parade Theme: Making a Difference

According to volunteers, the South Pasadena Rose Parade float is on up for the 2018 Tournament of Roses and is putting together wonderfully. Spirits were high, and the volunteers worked hard despite the abnormally warm weather necessitating special care for the delicate flowers used to build the facade. South Pasadena has participated since the first floats in the Tournament of Roses, which were buggies and carriages with floral decorations, in 1890. In the Rose Parade, the South Pasadena float is the “oldest self-built float” as a result. The South Pasadena float is a primary volunteer effort, with community members contributing in various ways to finish the float preparations. One can observe dozens of South Pasadenans preparing flowers and seeds to be carefully placed on the float for its journey down Colorado Avenue on January 1, January 1, during this last week before the Tournament of Roses. “Making a Difference” is the Rose Parade Theme Parade this year.


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Credit: Image by Jennifer Ojman | Unsplash


South Pasadena Float Takes Shape

Volunteers are welcome to visit the float location and lend a hand. The South Pasadena Rose Parade float is constructed behind a vast tent structure at 435 Fair Oaks Avenue. A year-end fundraising event called the “Crunch Time Party” is also held. The celebration for this year will start at 6:00 PM on December 29, 2017. Tickets are $40 per person and can be purchased at the float construction site. The event includes live and silent auctions, dinner, and a close-up look at the float during “crunch time.” Happy New Year to all, and I hope you have a chance to view our fantastic South Pasadena Rose Parade float.


Rose Parade 2024

Plans for the Rose Parade for the following year have already begun to take shape, less than a week after Pasadena’s renowned floral display along illustrious Colorado Boulevard. South Pasadena is looking for design entries for the float that will participate in the flower extravaganza on January 1, 2024. Those who have ideas for the City of South Pasadena’s float are invited to submit them to local float organizers by January 20 of this year. The Tournament of Roses said in a statement about the 2024 theme: “The 2024 theme celebrates the role of music in our lives and as a part of our collective culture and unique stories.” Though the float is a year-round activity, ideas must be submitted to SPTOR before the deadline, whether a straightforward sketch or something more elaborate. Design sketches must follow the specifications on the entry form and be written in pen or pencil in black and white on paper no more significant than 8.5″ X 11″.


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