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Raymond Pettibon print, sculptures, paintings, and drawings bring together the elements of cartoons, film noir, punk aesthetics, art history, and political and social critique. Raymond Pettibon, or Raymond Ginn— his born name— is a contemporary American artist most known for his stylized ink drawings that combine imagery and words. In 1976, not long before he graduated, he began his career as an artist by producing concert flyers and album covers for Black Flag, a punk band based in California, led by his brother, guitarist Greg Ginn. With his Black Flag illustrations, Raymond Pettibon began to garner a following in the punk music scene. These illustrations took inspiration from the dark and violent imagery associated with film noir and punk culture. It soon led to his reputation as a contemporary artist working with text, drawing, and American pop culture. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Pettibon’s work was featured in solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and European galleries.

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The artworks of Raymond Pettibon

Pettibon uses a wide range of historical and contemporary references to produce work that is at once mysterious, sharply political, and perversely humorous. Comics and political cartoons aren’t the only things that influenced his work, but also artists such as William Blake, Francisco de Goya, and Edward Hopper. Pettibon’s work examines Americana with repeating subjects, for instance, baseball players, beach scenes, vehicles, Gumby, and the cartoon character Vavoom, which blend with various texts in a direct and powerful story. His narrative is always tied to the visuals, though the association is frequently ambiguous, drawing influences from Baudelaire to Charles Manson. The power of his most moving pieces comes from this tension, which he explores in a poetic realm that avoids literal meaning. Over thousands of Raymond Pettibon prints have been exhibited at many events, such as Renaissance Society, Chicago, Drawing Center, New York, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. His work has also been exhibited internationally in Kassell, Tokyo, and Barcelona and positioned Pettibon as one of his generation’s most significant American artists.

Arts for Sale

Raymond Pettibon’s work meanders and gleans through subjects, words, and references; he is as likely to write about sports or cartoons as he discusses sexuality, politics, or literature from the nineteenth century. Raymond Pettibon prints, paintings, and other artworks embody themes of rebellion against authority and are heavily satirical of modern American culture. More than a thousand of Pettibon’s works are popular, and while some are being exhibited, others are also for sale at several auctions. Raymond Pettibon art for sale that was sold recently cost more than $2 million! The price of his other works varies greatly depending on size and medium, from around $1,000 up to around $3 million. Some of his works available for sale are his Safe, The Cathedral Floor, Plots on Loan, WOW (Works on Whatever) Project Beach Towel, My pined soul, Blackboa, Climax Presents: Black Flag, Fear, Circle Jerks, China White, 1981, and other old and recent untitled works.

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