Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers

Check Out These Two Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers!

The fall season is around the corner, and what fantastic activity to do aside from a fun pumpkin activity with your toddler? Don’t worry if you haven’t thought of anything yet or are still undecided about which activity you should prepare that your toddler will ultimately enjoy because we’ll try to help you think of something that you and your baby will enjoy! We also prepared two fun and creative pumpkin activities that might inspire you or that you will want to incorporate into your pumpkin activities this year. So, if you’re looking for fun pumpkin activities for toddlers, you’ll find some fantastic ideas here.

Before we move on, let’s try to help you think of an activity that will suit your toddler’s interest. If you already know what your toddler is interested in, exposing them to those things is better to build familiarity and help them be good at that thing they’re interested in.

If you’re unsure of what your toddler likes to play or do, as a parent or a caregiver, encourage them to try various things until they finally display interest in doing something.


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Pumpkin Stamping Activities

We hope that by now, you’re getting ideas of what you should prepare for your little pumpkin. Here’s an activity we thought you’d want to do with them:

Pumpkin Stamping
Requirements: Paint, paint brushes, papers or canvas, and small pumpkins

Pumpkins of a more manageable size and some paint are required for this project. Ask your toddler to start by painting one side of the pumpkin, and then have them trace the shape onto a canvas or a piece of paper. For colorful work, you can help them with other colors or let them stick to orange.

It is important that when doing an activity with your child, you allow them to be themselves and make decisions. Your role is to guide them to choose the best suitable choice but not take the liberty of choosing for themselves.

These pumpkin-themed toddler activities are entertaining, simple, and informative. You can oversee and look out for your child’s well-being while they are busy. At the end of the activity, you may put their work in a frame or hang the canvas in their playroom or your house. Don’t forget to appreciate your toddler’s work!


Pumpkin Clay

Another activity we can recommend is pumpkin clay!

Pumpkin Clay
Requirements: Play-Doh and sculpting tools for toddlers.

Your child can make a pumpkin out of Play-Doh or clay with your assistance if you give them some of each to work with. You can also help them crush the clay and give it a detailed appearance by putting textured lines or borders and a stem on the top of the art piece.

In this activity, your guidance and creativity will be heavily needed. Make sure that if Play-Doh is not available, choose a safe clay for toddlers.

Trick or treats should not only be the only thing your toddler should look forward to every fall. Doing fun, educational, and crafty pumpkin activities would also entertain them. Incorporating these activities into your fall-season tradition would make a great family bonding that you and your child would cherish for the years to come.


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