Pairings Palate Plate

Pairings Palate Plate in Cranford, NJ

Pairings Palate Plate launched in Cranford’s downtown year 2011. It is a family-run business by owners Vincent and Murphy Clyne and their executive chef, Naved Ferdinands. This fine dining restaurant combines the coziness of homemade food with cuisine that reflects cultures worldwide. They created a constantly-changing menu that tends toward the adventurous regarding appearance and flavor pairings. Their recipes are loved by many and usually get the attention of one’s palate. The Clynes previously had a catering company, which they sold to prepare and launch Pairings Palate Plate instead. They returned to school to refine their skills for this new venture. Murphy Clyne pursued a culinary license from the renowned Culinary Institute of America (CIA). On the other hand, Vincent Clyne specialized in wines. Murphy and Vincent serve as a mentor to all their Pairings staff and consider them family. They encourage everyone, including the kitchen staff, servers, and management, to recommend unique cuisine pairings. The emphasis is on in-season ingredients; thus, the Pairings Cranford menu varies daily.

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Pairings Restaurant Menu

Pairings Restaurant, Cranford, NJ, lets you pause, unplug from technology, and rekindle your relationships with loved ones over delicious food and refined wine. Their menus range from sophisticated to comfort food and alter according to seasonal ingredients. Every meal is made with carefully chosen combined ingredients. Pairings restaurant aims to excite, amuse, and satisfy its customers at all times. Perfectly baked pastries, fresh pasta, slowly braised meats, just-sautéed seafood, and daily prepared ice creams leave no unstimulated taste. Food presentation is vital at Pairings Palate Plate. There are times when a plate’s flavor overshadows its appearance. Their ravioli combines perfectly with well-grilled chicken. They also serve a tender beef short rib that is a little bland but surprisingly pairs well with a smear of mashed potatoes. Another dish is the fish fillet is gently breaded, partnered with sautéed scallops, and served with rice.

Pairings Palate Plate Cranford Best Seller Desserts

Pastries and desserts in Pairings Palate Plate are more flavorful and are usually highly recommended by its customers. The pineapple guacamole gives a good mix of sweet and salty flavors. They also have a unique menu of crab cakes and a set of exquisite balls of coated crab bits. Another excellent dessert is the little red velvet cake served with ice cream and a piece of bittersweet chocolate. Lastly, the best seller is the chocolate bulb that melts when the waiter pours hot butterscotch over it. Such delightful confections, unique cuisines, and proficient service keep Pairings restaurant crowded. However, the management decided to halt all operations year 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

If you miss the desserts from the Pairings Cranford menu, you can still have a taste of them from its former senior pastry chef, Vanessa Kenney. She opened her own bakeshop business and has applied everything she learned from the Pairings restaurant to her new venture. Visit to know more about her story and get in contact.