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Open House Millbrae is a developed suburban enclave in San Mateo County, California, with single-family homes making up the majority of the country’s real estate portfolio. California is considered one of the most well-known tourist attractions in America. Hollywood, Disneyland, and the California Golden Gate Bridge are some of the top tourist sceneries in the world. But California is much more than urban places and tourist traps. Some areas are more lowkey on the tourist industry watchlist but still worth your time and visit. Open House Millbrae, a city in San Mateo County just south of San Francisco, is one of them. Millbrae is a town you shouldn’t miss out on because of its delightful ambiance blended with stunning landscapes. It’s just a few minutes from San Francisco International Airport, which is one of the busiest of the country’s airports.

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Best Things To See and Do In Millbrae, California

Below are some of the list best things to see and do in Millbrae, California

Bayfront Park: This little park near the city’s eastern edge gives a relaxing break from the bustling town. In addition to people-watching and relaxing in the sun, visitors to this waterfront park may witness jumbo planes as they arrive at San Francisco International Airport. Millbrae’s Bayfront Park is unique and surprisingly calm.

Southern Pacific Train Depot: The Southern Pacific Train Depot gives tourists a window into the past, similar to the Millbrae History Museum. The history of railroads in Millbrae, the San Francisco Peninsula, and the Western United States, in general, is the highlight of this historical oasis. This insight into the region’s locomotive past is located near the train tracks across the town from the history museum, making it a wonderful place to spend a Saturday morning.

Spend an afternoon at Central Park and its Luxury Property: Millbrae’s own Central Park is the best recreational place in the city. There are things to do on 5 hectares (13 acres) of ground. You may enjoy a traditional picnic or a BBQ with your family on their picnic tables. You can also visit the Luxury Properties Millbrae with their famous residential home that is elegant with single-family homes, which account for the vast majority of the city’s dwelling units. Multi-family houses, condos, apartments, and townhomes are among the several housing options available in the area. Every community has a local oasis where everyone gathers with family and friends for bonding sessions and recreational activities.

Open House Millbrae Homes for Sale

Below are some active listings of Houses for Sale in Millbrae

811 Sequoia AVE: Destination, Scene, Community, Education, With Security, This unique 8,400 square foot home in Millbrae offers 5+1 bedrooms (plus an extra tatami tearoom), six bathtubs, a detached two-car garage, plenty of on-site and curb parking, and a long, wide side driveway that can handle a large RV or boat. Moreover, it is located in a highly desired neighborhood, surrounded by a beautiful environment, and is quiet and peaceful.

748 Morningside DR: Enjoy the stunning view from all four upper-level bedrooms so that you can have the luxury of waking up and sleeping in the breathtaking views of Millbrae every morning and night. The spacious deck is ideal for hosting family and friends while also showcasing the fantastic scenery of Millbrae.

1370 Lasuen DR: The living room, dining area, kitchen, family room, and main bedroom have breathtaking views. Spectacular points of interest of the San Francisco Bay, the Bridges, the East Bay, the San Francisco International Airport, and many city lights during the day and at night. The spacious private terrace is ideal for entertaining and has beautiful views!

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