Old Mill District Bend

The Vibrant Neighborhood of Old Mill District Bend

Suppose you are contemplating making your permanent residence at Old Mill District Bend in Oregon. In that case, we will give you an overview of this neighborhood and everything you will love in the community! Old Mill District Bend Oregon is a thriving residential community with numerous festivities that its residents can enjoy. Locals can participate in the yearly event known as “Balloons Over Bend,” which takes place from a vantage point that provides an excellent view of the city as colorful and intricately designed hot air balloons float above it. Residents can also join in the festival of culture and creativity that takes place every first Friday of every month at the Old Mill. If you dream of having a piece of an illustrious heritage, owning one of the many impressive residences in the Old Mill District is an excellent idea.

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Oregon’s Historic Old Mill District in Bend

The Old Mill District Bend Oregon is a historic district previously the location of two different lumber mills. Along the Deschutes River lies a stretch of property, roughly 110 hectares or about 270 acres in size, and is home to a vibrant commercial and residential district known as the Old Mill District. Each year, there are thousands of guests, and the establishment employs more than two thousand five hundred workers. Since real estate developer Bill Smith, the head of William Smith Properties, purchased the land in the middle of the 1990s, a significant amount of construction work has been carried out in the surrounding area. He preserved the three distinctive smokestacks that were a part of the previous structures in the region. The site includes nine old buildings that have been renovated. Anna Amejko’s workshop and gallery are located in the Little Red Shed, which was initially used to hold fire gear. The Hayden Homes Amphitheater and the first 12-station Fly Casting Course in the United States are two of the most prominent new additions. Both of these attractions are located in the same area.

Nature and Recreation

Old Mill District is situated along the magnificent Deschutes River and is home to a wide variety of restaurants, tasting rooms, stores, and riverside paths. Many well-known businesses, including local favorites like Vanilla Urban Threads and Confluence Fly Shop, and national icons like REI and Regal Cinemas can also be found in the area. The rustic architecture of the former Brooks-Scanlon lumber mill, which dominated Bend’s economy for much of the 20th century, serves as inspiration for the area’s more than 55 unique shops and restaurants. With over a dozen restaurants and bars, the district is a culinary mecca and the pride of Bend. Greg’s Grill is known for its exquisite Pacific Northwest cuisine and breathtaking vistas of the nearby Cascade Mountains. If you’re looking for a good cocktail and a home-cooked meal, head to Boxwood Kitchen. Locals eager to try some of the most cutting-edge wine in the Pacific Northwest often stop at Va Piano Vineyards and Naked Winery’s tasting facilities. Old Mill District Bend Oregon is where you want to be if you’re looking for a lively and upbeat neighborhood.


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