Mick Jagger 1975 And The Story Behind The Art Collection


For Mick Jagger, 1975 was an excellent year. He toured with the Rolling Stones for their Tour of Americas ’75. However, Mick Taylor left, and the Rolling Stones had to find someone else to play guitar in their band. Ronnie Wood joined them on stage and played well. Mick Jagger traveled across the US and sold out venues. As a result, The Stones played to over 1 million people at 45 concerts across 26 cities in 21 states. The concert earned an excess of $10 million. In addition, the Mick Jagger 1975 interviews included those by Wolfgang’s and, notably, Rolling Stone Magazine. This interview consequently strengthened his state as an international rock superstar. Hence, his career only skyrocketed after this year. Mick Jagger became a household name and continues to make waves in the music and art industry. Many artists chose to collaborate with him. He is a creative genius.

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’75 Mick Jagger Friendship

One of the artists who worked with Mick Jagger was Andy Warhol. With Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol not only created a collection, but he also created a lifetime bond. However, this wasn’t the first time they had worked together. In 1971, Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger collaborated on Rolling Stones’ 11th album. In 2003, Billboard voted this album cover the best cover of all time. The cover featured a photograph of actor and model Joe Dallesandro. However, the friendship between the two artists wasn’t always smooth sailing. They hit a bump in the road at one point. In 1971, when the band commissioned the cover, Mick asked Andy to make something simple and easy to replicate. Andy Warhol being Andy Warhol ignored this request. Time eventually settled this rough patch, and the two collaborated on a 1975 screen print series. The series of photographs produced had signatures of Warhol and Jagger themselves. Mick and Andy carried a friendship and a working relationship for many years. The collection is probably one of the most recognized pieces in pop culture.

1975 Mick Jagger Collection

This series of photographs come from Andy Warhol’s beachside home in Montauk, where he spends most of his time when he isn’t doing contract shoots. Warhol did the shoot himself. The beachside house’s name is Eothen. In English, it means “first light” in Greek. The house played a significant role in the forming of the series. In 1972, Andy Warhol, Lee Radziwill, Ahmet Ertegun, Truman Capote, and Peter Beard followed the Rolling Stones to places like Kansas and Dallas City. After their tour, Princess Radziwill joined Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, and Bianca Jagger on their holiday at Eothen. Warhol and director Paul Morrissey owned the home. So, everyone was comfortable. The house impacted Jagger so much that he returned with the Rolling Stones three years later. It was at this moment that they produced the Mick Jagger Suite. Being in a familiar location may be part of the reason why the photos turned out so natural. Jagger offered praises to Warhol, stating that Warhol had a remarkable ability to capture society.

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