Homes for Sale in Goochland County VA

Stunning Homes for sale in Goochland County VA

Sitting in a community with a refreshing and beautiful place to call home, Homes for sale in Goochland County VA, attract several home buyers wanting to move to the western edge of the Greater Richmond region. Goochland is a charming county in the central portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia, situated between Charlottesville and Richmond. It brings lovely towns, unique neighborhoods, and a diverse housing market featuring beautiful historic structures and new, custom construction. Over the past years, more residential and commercial growth has been coming to mostly rural Goochland County to accommodate the growing demand and a greater volume of residents. Moving into this county, getting larger lots is possible. Land for sale in Goochland County VA, comes in acreage, and residents here are pleased to enjoy beautiful and sprawling country estates that may include private ponds, creek access, rolling hills, and equestrian improvements. Moreover, Goochland offers a quiet and close-knit way of life, plenty of open green space, and fresh air with convenient access to city amenities—ideal for growing families, empty-nesters, retirees, or anybody looking to escape the busy city life.

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Goochland County Real Estate

The real estate market of Goochland is diverse, providing homebuyers with a wide range of options, including everything from single-family homes to large multi-acre homesteads. Golf communities thrive in Goochland County, and there are also several apartments, townhouses, and lofts to suit many different lifestyles and tastes. Houses for sale in Goochland County VA, are below the national average, costing $90,000 to $730,000. Big mansions or luxury homes in spacious acreage cost about $1.5 million and above. Many residential properties in Goochland are designed with at least three to five bedrooms and one to six-bathroom layouts. Homes for sale in Goochland have one- or two-story floor plans with internal living space ranging from 1,118 square feet to as expansive as 6,375 square feet. Homes in Goochland are often built with Custom, Farmhouse, Bungalow, Cottage, Ranch, or Colonial architectural styles. The features of homes vary but typically include a vaulted ceiling, attached garage, front porch, a deck, and paved driveway. Land for sale in Goochland County, VA, ranges from 0.35 to 170.22 acres and costs around $149,950 to $559,000.

Homes for Sale in Goochland County VA: Highlights

Residents in Goochland County love living in the county with the accessibility to conveniences in larger cities. Certain areas of Goochland are convenient to other major regions and well-traveled highways, including I-95, I-295, I-64, and Highway 288. The eastern part of Goochland is super close to all that Short Pump — a popular destination for shopping and dining — making it possible to get the benefits of country living while still being convenient to one of the best suburbs and commercially developed areas around Richmond. The Western part of Goochland is not far from Charlottesville, where shops, wineries, and aquatic pursuits invite you. Not only are the stunning homes for sale in Goochland County VA the pros of the county, but the variety of cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities are at your fingertips. Residents enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as ball games, picnicking, cycling, hiking, hunting, and fishing at one of the area’s parks and recreational facilities. The Hidden Rock Park or Tucker Park at Maidens Landing features private and public country clubs for golf, dining, and more. Many Goochland, Virginia stables also offer horseback riding and equestrian shows.

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