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The homes for sale Bayberry Lakes Daytona Beach, or the Bayberry Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc., were created to establish a welcoming and secure environment for their homeowners and regulate the community’s by-laws and rules to ensure the utmost safety for all residents of the neighborhood. Bayberry Lakes takes great pride in being recognized as one of the most desirable residential communities in the Daytona Beach area. A Board of Directors is in charge of directing the activities of the Association. Residents of the community have volunteered their time to serve as members of the board after being elected to different posts and to afford current residents, their families, and friends, as well as prospective residents, the chance to learn more about what are the things that the community can offer. A clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, and playgrounds shared among Bayberry Lakes residents are among the community features that are immaculately maintained and preserved by the Bayberry Lakes HOA. The current Board of Directors of the Bayberry Lakes Homeowners Association is comprised of the following:

  • President – Bill Kamer
  • Treasurer – Kristina Sanders
  • Secretary – Nathan Ambroziak
  • Director – Sabrina Zahnen
  • Director – Kathleen Ridall
  • Director – Tom Zahnen
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Duties and Responsibilities of the Bayberry Lakes Homeowners Association

The Bayberry Lakes HOA is responsible for the general and overall upkeep and maintenance of a total of 334 residential units located throughout Bayberry Lakes. These homes are encircled by forested areas and highly kept landscaping. The Homeowners’ Association Board is also in charge of directing a variety of community events to foster strong bonds and develop amicable relationships among the residents of Bayberry Lakes. The Bayberry Lakes Yard of the Month award is one of the activities currently taking place in the community. This event was created to encourage community cooperation and recognize residents who take exceptional care of their lawns. The goal of the project is to reward residents who go above and above in terms of the care they take to preserve their property and, as a result, contribute to the community as a whole in terms of its general attractiveness. This is an outstanding award, and volunteers carry out the entirety of the program’s administration.

Benefits: Homes for Sale Bayberry Lakes Daytona Beach

Bayberry Lakes is a Daytona Beach suburb known for its natural beauty. The community is located close to several stunning beaches, family-friendly attractions, and wildlife. Bayberry Lakes is home to some of the area’s most opulent real estate, and its housing market offers many impressive homes for sale Bayberry Lakes Daytona Beach. These excellent residences offer various amenities designed to meet your requirements in every way. Bayberry Lakes Daytona Beach FL is conveniently located near different establishments, including schools, shopping centers, healthcare, restaurants, and the world-famous Daytona International Speedway. If you want to spend most of your time outside, this location is perfect. You may hop on your bicycle and ride through the path system in the neighborhood. You may also go fishing in the ponds behind their lakes or have a picnic with your family in one of the many parks surrounding the community. If you want some enjoyable time under the sun, you can head onto the road for a quick drive to the beach not more than a few steps away from your house.

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