Hilton Head Plantation Homes for Sale And The Coastal Advantage

Hilton Head Plantation Homes for Sale Location

There are a lot of gated communities out there, but Hilton Head Plantation is one of the best. This community is set on approximately 4,000 acres of nature and has a fantastic water view. The Intracoastal Waterway and Port Royal Sound surround it. Beaufort, Savannah, and Charleston have beautiful beaches, cultural sites, and historic areas. Hilton Head Plantation is the perfect place to live if you want to be close to all these things. You’ll always feel close to something fun and exciting. Hilton Head Plantation homes for sale include access to luxury amenities, like golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers with personal trainers on staff, and more. Plus, the quality of life in this area is fantastic. Residents often mention how friendly their neighbors are. Consequently, Hilton Head Plantation homes for sale are in demand. Properties in this area usually stay short in the market before quickly being purchased.

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Security For Homes For Sale At Hilton Head Plantation

Hilton Head Plantation is home to the country’s most prestigious and secure homes. Subsequently, any Hilton Head Plantation homes for sale by the owner come with safety personnel that ensures residents are protected. To clarify, The security staff has 27 full-time armed guards. Moreover, most were law enforcement officers or military personnel. In addition, two patrols for the primary and cypress gates are on duty 24 hours a day. However, the gates are only open for visitors between 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Likewise, the dispatch center is always available, day and night, seven days a week. The Security Department provides many vital services to its residents. For instance, they provide security at three gates and ensure people follow the laws of the town and the Plantation. To clarify, there’s a list of the other responsibilities the security personnel have to do:

  • Patrol 72 miles of plantation facilities
  • Respond to complaints
  • Complete reports on missing or lost property
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Do home inspections
  • Animal Control
  • Handle fire and burglar alarms
  • Jump-start cars
  • Assist locked-out residents
  • Check commercial areas after closing
  • Conduct Wellness checks on the elderly

Events and Amenities

All year round, the Recreation department organizes activities and events for people from all different backgrounds to enjoy. They hold seminars, special events, workshops, and classes that you can attend. These events happen at various locations. In the past, these were at the Spring Lake Pavilion, Dolphin Head Recreation Area, Spring Lake Community Pool, Practice Ball Field, and Spring Lake Recreation Area. The Plantation has a summer recreation program for kids. They have lots of clubs, too. So, you can find something to do if you live at homes for sale in Hilton Head Plantation, Hilton Head, SC. You can also hold events and rent out places like the Plantation House. The building is an air-conditioned and heated clubhouse. It’s on Spring Lake Lagoon in the Spring Lake Recreation Area. In addition, this building has a significant function room with a gas fireplace, sound system, kitchen, open gallery, and outdoor veranda. It also has an incredible view of a golf course and the Spring Lake Lagoon.

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