Garden City New York Real Estate

Garden City New York Real Estate: Epitome of Opulence and Comfort

The Garden City New York Real Estate features affluent residential properties in the flourishing region of Nassau County. Alexander Turney Stewart, an Irish millionaire, was the driving force behind the development of the community. Stewart purchased land in an area with a low population density to establish an appealing community that can cater to families, young professionals, and even retirees looking for the perfect place to spend their golden days! It is estimated that around 40% of the population has Irish roots. With a median household income of $174,900, Garden City is a prosperous community with a high quality of life. Garden City is a remarkable area to live in and is preferred by families due to the high-quality schools accessible from the area, the low rate of violent and property crime, and the numerous amenities in the surrounding areas that cater to families. With a crime rate 71% lower than the average rate throughout the country, Garden City, New York is an excellent place to raise a family.

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Apartment Units in Garden City

Garden City offers not only exquisitely-crafted single-family houses but also opulent-designed apartments with a different set of amenities and features to offer. The units that make up the impressive collection of luxury apartments Garden City NY are characterized as high quality and constructed with top-tier home elements and attributes. Those who prefer to rent rather than buy a house in the area can choose from different apartment buildings across Garden City. The typical rental rates of stunning apartments in the community often range between $2,800 to as much as $5,600 per month, depending on the room configurations, unit features, and other building amenities that unit owners can use. Many units of luxury apartments Garden City NY offers at least 585 sqft to 1,500 sqft of interior floor space, with room configurations varying between studio type, one-bedroom, and two-bedrooms units.

Other Real Estate Information About Garden City

Aside from premium apartment units, Garden City New York homes for sale also offer other housing types that many interested homebuyers will love. The neighborhood comprises magnificent single-family homes with various floor plans and sizes, making them suitable for families of any size. A typical residential property in Garden City is often valued between $575,000 to $6 million and usually comes with at least three to eight bedrooms and two to ten-bathroom arrangements. Many properties in the neighborhood feature sizable living rooms, family rooms, and kitchens with open floor plans that are often connected to the dining areas. Each home in Garden City enjoys a prime setting within walking distance of a wide variety of dining establishments, shopping centers, and other commercial enterprises. Garden City New York homes for sale offer wonderful possibilities for those who want to start a family or raise their growing family in the area.

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