Garden City Men’s Club

Garden City Men’s Club

The Garden City Men’s Club is an exclusive golf club in the heart of the bustling suburbs of Nassau County, just east of New York. Garden City Men’s Club was founded in 1899 on the site of a nine-hole course by Devereux Emmet; it was later extended to eighteen holes and later revised and lengthened by legendary golfer Walter Travis. Built upon the expansive Hempstead Plains, the course feels like a links course with an intimate layout featuring tees close to greens, wide fairways, and fescue grass lining the rough. The club’s policy is walking only, with caddies provided by default and men only— making the club unique. The course layout and the cozy ambiance will give you that distinct, old-school feeling, making for a fun and challenging round of golf every time. Speaking of the old-school feel of the club, the elegant architecture of nearby homes perfectly blends with Garden City Men’s Club. Buying properties near the golf club and obtaining membership is an excellent investment, especially for avid golfers.

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Golf Course Features

Since the Garden City Golf Club, NY, was established, it has received an acclaimed reputation for having the best course, making it an award-winning golf course. The golf course has hosted many championship events over its long history, and here’s why.

  • Unique and Smart Design – For golfers of all skill levels, the strategically designed bunkers and fairways create more entertaining and challenging gameplay. The Play begins with two great chances to make a birdie: a 302-yard par 4 followed by a 137-yard par 3. Get them both if you can, because even though No. 2 is the most famous hole at the club, most members will tell you that every hole from the 6th to the 16th is pretty tricky.
  • Exclusivity – The Garden City Golf Club, NY, gives its members an intimate game and privacy to be comfortable. Membership comes with this exclusiveness that offers golfers a sense of prestige and belonging that they wouldn’t have in other clubs.

Garden City Men’s Club Real Estate Information

Garden City is a family-friendly neighborhood popularly known for its excellent golf course offered by Garden City Golf Club, NY. Its charm is within its tree-lined streets and beautiful Colonial and Tudor homes. The area is divided into several sections: Mott, Estate, Eastern, and Western sections.

  • Mott Section is an affluent community that has a lot of homes that date back to the 1930s. Properties in this section usually have homes listed for around $800,000 to $6 million.
  • The Estates Section is the most sought-after residential area in Garden City and an excellent place for families. There are a lot of big houses, with a typical floor plan of having at least four to six bedrooms. The Estates Section is also near schools, which makes it suitable for families with youngsters.
  • Eastern Section is the most affordable neighborhood in Garden City. Homes in this area cost around $600,000 and can go up to $1 million.
  • Western Section is one of Garden City’s safest areas. There are newer homes here that are more remarkably similar. Because homes in this area are newer, expect less traffic in this neighborhood compared to other parts of the city.

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