Elevate Your Holiday Decor with a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree by Mr. Greentrees

Celebrate the Spirit of Christmas with a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mr. Greentrees, where Christmas magic comes to life. Our family-owned business has been a cherished part of Los Angeles for over three decades, providing the city with fresh-cut Christmas trees and greenery. Founded in 1986 by Rebecca and David Campbell in the picturesque Holmby Hills neighborhood, Mr. Greentrees has been a beacon of holiday spirit for generations.


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A Legacy of Quality Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Offering the Finest Christmas Trees Since 1986
Nestled in Los Angeles, Mr. Greentrees has long been a symbol of top-notch quality and cherished traditions. The story began with Rebecca and David Campbell, whose unwavering commitment to spreading holiday joy laid the very foundation of our family business. And now, we’re thrilled to share that their wonderful legacy lives on, thanks to their incredible daughter, Lyra, who’s proudly carrying the torch forward.

At Mr. Greentrees, we’re all about making your holidays brighter and more memorable. Join us in continuing this heartwarming tradition that began with the Campbells, and let’s make this holiday season one to remember together.


The Lyra Era

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence
Back in 2001, a new chapter in Mr. Greentree’s story unfolded when Lyra Campbell took up the mantle of stewardship. Her dedication has been instrumental in preserving the cherished traditions at the heart of our business. While her mother, Rebecca, continues to play an active role in our annual tree selection, Lyra’s vision has enabled us to evolve and flourish while remaining firmly rooted in our core values.

Lyra’s passion and care shine through in every aspect of our work. She’s not just maintaining the legacy; she’s helping it thrive and adapt to the changing times. Thanks to her leadership, Mr. Greentrees continues to be your trusted source for all things holiday, ensuring our traditions are honored and celebrated with the same enthusiasm and love that started it all.


A Journey Through the City

Our Adventures in Adapting and Growing
Over the course of our incredible journey, Mr. Greentrees has relocated several times within the city. Each move brought its own set of challenges, but our dedication to delivering top-notch service and ensuring customer satisfaction never wavered. Our ability to embrace change and conquer hurdles has enabled us to continue serving the wonderful city of Los Angeles with the same passion and commitment that we had when we first began in 1986.


The Essence of Fresh Cut Mr. Greentrees

Hand-Selected Elegance for Your Holiday
At Mr. Greentrees, we believe in the magic of the season, and every tree, ornament, and piece of greenery we offer reflects that belief. Our commitment to providing the very best has always remained strong. Each item in our inventory, from the tallest majestic tree to the tiniest, most delicate ornament, is hand-selected with utmost care to ensure that your holiday is nothing short of spectacular.


Expert Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh and Vibrant

Here are some expert tips on caring for your Christmas tree and ensuring it remains a stunning centerpiece throughout the festive season.

1. Properly Hydrate Your Tree
Your Christmas tree’s longevity greatly depends on how well you hydrate it. As soon as your tree arrives home, giving it a good drink is crucial. Follow these steps to ensure your tree stays well-hydrated:

  • Immediate Watering: Give it a generous amount of water when your tree arrives home. This initial drink is essential to rehydrate the tree after its journey.
  • Daily Check-ins: Make it a daily ritual to check the water level in the tree stand. Never allow the water bowl to go dry. Remember, a well-hydrated tree is a happy tree.
  • Monitor Water Consumption: It’s normal for your tree to reduce its water intake over time gradually. Keep an eye on this and adjust your watering routine accordingly.

2. Keep It Cool and Shaded
Just like you enjoy a cozy sweater in the winter, Christmas trees prefer a cooler environment. To maintain the freshness of your tree, follow these guidelines:

  • Lower the Thermostat: Trees thrive in cooler temperatures, so consider lowering your thermostat a bit to create a comfortable environment for your tree.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat: Position your tree away from direct sunlight and heating vents. Exposure to excessive heat can cause your tree to dry out quickly.

3. Use Tree Preservatives
Tree preservatives can make a significant difference in extending the lifespan of your Christmas tree. Additionally, you can create your own homemade preservative using simple ingredients:

  • Tree Preservative: Purchase a quality tree preservative from your local store and follow the instructions for mixing it with water. This solution helps nourish the tree and keeps it fresh.
  • Homemade Solution: If you prefer doing things yourself, here’s a simple DIY solution for you: mix a few drops of dish soap, a tablespoon of sugar, and a small amount of alcohol in a gallon of water. It’s a simple and effective way to get the job done! This homemade preservative can work wonders for your tree’s longevity.

4. Revive a Neglected Tree
Sometimes, life gets busy, and we forget to water our beloved Christmas tree promptly. Don’t worry; you can still salvage the situation:

  • Fresh Cut: If you’ve neglected to water your tree, don’t panic. Give it a fresh cut at the base before placing it back in water. This allows the tree to absorb water more efficiently.
  • Reviving a Dry Tree: In case your tree has started to dry out despite your best intentions, you can take some restorative measures. First, remove the stagnant water using a turkey baster or a wet/dry vacuum. Then, carefully drill small holes through the bark around the base, below the waterline, to help the tree absorb moisture. Finally, refill the container with fresh water.

Following these expert tips ensures your Christmas tree remains fresh, vibrant, and a delightful centerpiece for your holiday celebrations. Remember, a well-cared-for tree enhances your home’s festive ambiance and brings joy and cheer to your loved ones throughout the holiday season. Enjoy the magic of a beautiful Christmas tree!


For more detailed information, please visit https://mrgreentrees.com/tree-care/.