East Village in Celebration

The Vibrant Community of East Village in Celebration, Florida

Celebration, Florida, is home to the master-planned community of East Village, which is widely regarded as one of the most attractive places to call home in the surrounding area. The residential region of East Village is one of the most beautiful communities in Celebration, Florida, for its unique and captivating character, thanks to its collection of lovely homes. It feels like you got out straight from a movie scene! The community’s residents have easy access to nearby recreational areas for enjoyment. An aesthetically pleasing and comfortable house is essential to the whole experience of residing in the East Village. One of the best features of the neighborhood is that the houses on the market provide their new owners with the highest possible comfort and safety. These homes were constructed with eye-catching interior and exterior designs and generous living spaces to accommodate families of varying sizes.


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East Village, Celebration Neighborhood Features

As a result of the area of East Village’s advantageous location close to the central business district, it is easy to reach key enterprises such as stores and schools. It will take roughly five minutes to reach the central district of Celebration, Florida, starting from East Village which is highly convenient if you are leading a busy life.

One thing about the history of East Village is that it is fascinating and sure to pique children’s interest. The Walt Disney Company was the primary developer of the community in the beginning. From the start of its development, East Village has been envisioned as a picturesque community in Florida. Both locals and guests can bring their kids on family vacations to Walt Disney World and enjoy exploring the park together.

The exceptional quality of life in East Village sets it apart from other neighborhoods, even more so than the beautiful homes and parks that can be found there. The district was meticulously planned to be recognized as one of the finest in the area. Celebration, Florida, is home to a pleasant, well-kept community geared toward the needs of families.


East Village’s Real Estate Market

Here is the data on East Village’s real estate market situation:

  • The price of a home in East Village Celebration, Florida, can range anywhere from $450,000 to as high as $4M, depending on the size and features of the house.
  • The four-to-seven-bedroom, three-to-seven-bathroom layout is the one that appears most frequently in homes located in the East Village neighborhood.
  • These residences’ total usable space ranges from 2,000 to 9,000 square feet, ideal for families of varying sizes and backgrounds.
  • The East Village’s real estate market, is distinguished by properties with lot sizes ranging from 0.13 to 0.48 acres, with the average lot size falling somewhere in the 0.13-acre range.
  • When it comes to the design of homes, the most prominent architectural styles in this region are Victorian, Customs, and Colonial architecture, all of which have spectacular building designs that are truly eye pleasing.


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