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Enjoy a Movie Night at Cinemagic Okoboji

Cinemagic Okoboji, a distinguished branch of Odyssey Theatres, has gracefully evolved, seamlessly adapting to the dynamic realm of moviegoing. The theater continues to captivate audiences with various cinematic experiences. Notably, Cinemagic has embraced technological innovations, immersing patrons in the captivating world of 3D movies. This cutting-edge addition elevates the movie-watching adventure, transporting spectators into immersive dimensions that spring to life from the screen. For an unforgettable cinematic expedition, Cinemagic offers a range of pricing options: evening screenings (starting from 4:00 pm) feature adult tickets at $8.75, while children and seniors enjoy a rate of $6.75 each. Matinee showings (before 4:00 pm) maintain the same affordable pricing, and 3D screenings carry a supplementary fee of $2.00. Cinemagic is committed to providing an enchanting cinematic escape, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the magic of the big screen.


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Weekday Specials

Cinemagic presents an enticing array of weekday specials, adding excitement and value to your cinematic adventures. Start your week on a high note with “Monday Madness Combo Specials.” All combos receive a generous $2.50 discount every Monday, making your favorite movie snacks even more enjoyable. Tuesdays become “Tremendous Tuesdays,” where the magic continues. Treat yourself to $0.99 refills on valid Magic Buckets with ticket purchase. Midweek brings “Wicked Wednesdays,” enjoy a substantial $5.00 discount when you indulge in two large drinks and a large popcorn. Thursdays take a tremendous turn with a special offer for all. Customers purchasing any combo will receive a satisfying $2.50 off the combo of their choice, ensuring that your movie night is both flavorful and cost-effective. As the week winds down, Fridays shine as “Senior and Child days,” celebrating our cherished seniors and young movie buffs. Cinemagic’s weekday specials infuse each day with a touch of magic, enhancing your moviegoing journey and making every visit to the theater an extraordinary experience.


Cinema Rentals Available in Cinemagic Okoboji

Cinemagic offers various captivating theatre rental options tailored to various occasions and needs. For an extraordinary birthday celebration, treat your loved one to a “Star For A Day” experience with a personalized party at the movies. Elevate your business meetings by embracing the unique atmosphere only a theatre can provide. Your gatherings will be productive and enjoyable, with comfortable seating, multimedia support, ample parking, and flexible capacities. Or are you looking for a recurring venue? Cinemagic and Odyssey Theatres are perfect for hosting regular events, such as worship services, offering attendees an awe-inspiring experience. In addition, the “Showtime Buyout” option provides the possibility of attending a screening of a film in a private setting, with unrestricted access to the theater before the start of the performance. This option is perfect for parties that are looking for a shared cinematic experience without any extraordinary frills, and it guarantees that the event will be memorable for everyone involved.


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