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A Guide to The Best Places to Live In Charleston, SC

Many dreams of living a South Carolinian lifestyle. With that, here is a guide to the best places to live in Charleston, SC. 

Best places to stay Charleston 

Are you planning on buying a house in Charleston, SC? Here are five of the best places to live in the beautiful area of Charleston, SC. 

Daniel Island

The beautiful Daniel Island, SC, is less than 30 minutes away from the historic Charleston, SC. This island is one of the best places to live in Charleston because of its fantastic food, gorgeous geographic landscape, and wide range of real estate opportunities. 

Folly Island

It is one of the best spots to live for people who love water-related adventures! Folly island offers visitors and residents activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, surfing, and sailing. It is also a great place for photoshoots for its beautiful oceanfront.  

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston is one of the hearts of Charleston, Sc. It is the shopping and dining hub of the region. Every street is filled with shops and stores you can always visit. Everything is within your reach when you are living in Downtown Charleston.

Johns Island

Meet Charleston, SC’s largest island. Johns Island is an 84 square miles in area island with over 14,000 people. What made this island an ideal place to live in Charleston? Its beauty and its close proximity to downtown charleston. 

Sullivans Island

Sullivan’s Island is one of South Carolina’s gems. It is every beach lover’s paradise. People love going to this island because of its unsullied beauty and calmness. A 3.3 square miles area with few developments, a handful of galleries, and restaurants. It is one of the South Carolinian’s favorite places. 

Best spots in Charleston, SC

King street

Dubbed as the “walker’s paradise, ” king street is one of the best spots in Charleston. It is packed with shops, stores, and restaurants that offer quality services and products. Be sure to stroll along King Street when you get to Charleston!

 Waterfront Park

Located in Charleston harbor, the waterfront park is one of the go-to places for residents and tourists in Charleston. It offers an excellent view of the harbor. Don’t forget to take pictures in the Pineapple fountain.

The Charleston Museum

Discover Charleston’s rich history by visiting the Charleston Museum. Founded in 1773, the Charleston Museum is known as “America’s first museum.”

Cost of living in Charleston

Cost of living in Charleston, SC

Planning to move to one of Charleston, SC’s neighborhoods? Here is an excellent overview of what you should expect in Charleston, SC cost of living

The cost of living in Charleston, SC, is exactly 11% higher than the national average. Although it is pretty expensive, the upside is that Charleston, SC, is among the best places to live in the world (it sits precisely at the 282nd spot) and is the number one liveable city in South Carolina.

For families of four living in one of Charleston’s neighborhoods, their estimated monthly cost of living is $3,596.24, without rent. As for a single person, it would cost roughly $1,033.94$ without rent.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Charleston is a great place to live. The beaches are close to each other, and the downtown is packed with vibrant streets and happy people.

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