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A Quick Guide to Understanding Property Tax Liens in Arizona

Here is a quick overview of the property tax liens in Arizona.

Arizona real estate taxes have the utmost lien priority under state law. As a result, tax lien investing is exceptionally safe. Many people believe that IRS liens are more critical. 

Unpaid real property taxes can be purchased from counties as an investment in tax lien certificates on real property in Arizona. The counties hold auctions every year to sell these unpaid property tax liens.

In order to redeem the tax lien certificate, the landowner must pay all the taxes as well as the 16% interest. The investor receives his investment plus the interest rate he bid at the auction, and the county gets the remaining stake from this redemption amount.


According to Arizona law, the property owner has three years following the tax lien auction to redeem the estate and avoid foreclosure. The holder of a CP (certificate of purchase) does not have to start the foreclosure process right away after three years but must do it within ten years of the auction date, or the lien will become void.

Foreclosure in Tubac Arizona


The CP holder may launch a court foreclosure action to obtain the property’s title after three years from the date of the tax lien sale, but no later than ten years.

The CP holder must send the owner of the property a least thirty days’ notice of the imminent foreclosure by certified letter before starting the court process. If the owner does not redeem within thirty days, the CP holder has the option to file a foreclosure action in Superior Court.

However, if the property owner redeems, the CP holder is responsible for foreclosure charges and attorney’s fees. The attorney’s fees and costs are sometimes paid by the redeeming owner simultaneously as the redemption.

The Treasurer will not collect the attorney’s fees and costs if the owner redeems straight with the Treasurer.  

Property Taxes in Tubac Arizona

Property Taxes in Tubac Arizona

Property tax is a tax paid on property owned by an individual or other legal entities like companies. The local government determines property tax in the area where the property is located and produced by the property owner. The tax is usually calculated according to the property’s value, which includes land.

If you are wondering what the property tax rate in Tubac is, it is $7.58. At the same time, the property tax rate in the United States is $11.36. 

Arizona enjoys comparatively low property tax rates because of a law that regulates the total tax rate on owner-occupied properties. The state’s average tax rate is 0.62%, far below the national average of 1.07%. The property tax is paid in the county treasurer’s office. 

Tax Liens can be a Safe and High-Return Investment

Final Thoughts

Tax liens can be a safe and high-return investment. If you decide to get engaged in a property tax lien in Arizona, please take the time to learn everything you can before putting your hard-earned money on the line.

For more detailed information about Arizona’s property tax lien and property tax rate, feel free to give me a call. I will help you address your concerns. 

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