Allegiance Palo Alto Players

Allegiance Palo Alto Players – The Power of The Human Spirit

Allegiance Palo Alto Players is a musical based on the actual life experiences of the actor George Takei. Palo Alto Players is the home of great theatrical experiences that inspire, entertain, and enhance the lives of both local performers and audiences. The Palo Alto Players were the first theater production on the Peninsula, and since 1931, they have been consistently delivering live theater of a professional caliber in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto Players maintain a long-standing tradition and commitment to giving back to the community. They continue this tradition with each production of their plays by donating the proceeds to many nonprofit organizations in the area. At the moment, performances of the Broadway musical titled “ALLEGIANCE,” a new musical inspired by a true story, are being held at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose in San Jose, California. ALLEGIANCE is an inspiring and uplifting monument to the power of the human spirit. It follows the Kimura family as they struggle between duty and disobedience, tradition and change, and family relationships and forbidden love. The run of the production started on April 22, 2022, until May 8, 2022.

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What to Love about Lucie Stern Center

Lucie Stern is a beautiful place to visit because it is a typical example of Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. Guests enter the enormous Lucie Stern Center Ballroom by way of double glass doors located off the courtyard. The ballroom area features a gorgeous hardwood floor, dark wood wainscoting, and two fireplaces tiled with floral designs. The room is decorated in a country hacienda style and boasts a cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams and six-cylinder chandeliers made of black wrought iron. Lucie Stern Center is equipped with white stucco arches, a roof made of red tiles, and a colorful courtyard. The brick courtyard’s tranquil ambiance and stunning landscaping make it a favorite gathering place throughout the year for both locals and tourists visiting Lucie Stern. The theater is reminiscent of a Spanish church from another century and stands very tall, helping round out the picture-perfect setting of the facility. Here are some of the amenities available at Lucie Stern:

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History of Palo Alto Players Theatre Group

Since its inception in 1931, Palo Alto Players has been recognized as the most prestigious theater group on the Peninsula. They are popularly known for continuously showcasing the works of Peninsula artists in the context of professionally produced theater. This well-established theater group in California have been producing comedies, dramas, and musicals at the Lucie Stern Theater since 1933. Their five-show season runs from September to June and is directed by Patrick Klein for the artistic side and Elizabeth Santana for the managing side. The Palo Alto Players are a community-focused, non-profit theatrical company that has been performing in and around the Bay Area for a significant amount of time.

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